Head Office:

    94, Dharamtolla Road, Howrah - 711107, India                                          Ph: 91 33 26550673 / 2655 8998, Fax: 2655 2666

    Local  Office:

    7, Hazarimal Shah Road; Howrah - 711106, India                                        Ph: 91 33 26557890 / 28773214, Fax: 2655 1420

    Patna Office:

    Plot B 5 & 6(part), Patliputra Industrial Area, Patna-800013, India.              Ph: 919835440127

    Dhaka Office:

    64/4, Naya Paltan, Dhaka-1000 , Bangladesh                                              Ph: 880 2 8314959 / 8801715517377, Fax: 8314959



                                            SERVING  TO  THE  FOLLOWING FOOD/ GRAIN MILLING INDUSTRIES:

                                            UNDERTAKING COMMISSIONING ON  TURN KEY BASIS :

                                            1.    WHEAT ROLLER FLOUR MILLING

                                            2.    WHOLEWHEAT FLOUR MFG. ( CHAKKI ATTA).

                                            3.    MAIZE GRIT MANUFACTURING.

                                            4.    MAIZE FLOUR MILLING.

                                            5.     RICE GRIT MANUFACTURING.

                                            6.    GRAM GRIT MANUFACTURING.

                                            7.    GRAM FLOUR ( BESAN) MILLING.

                                            8.    ROASTED GRAM FLOUR ( SATTU) MILLING.

                                            9.    RICE SORTING AND GRADING.

                                            10.  PULSE MILLING.

                                            11.  SPICES GRINDING

                                            12.  FEED MILLING.

                                            13.  GRAIN CLEANING, STORING, CONVEYING  & HANDLING.

                                            14.  FOOD PROCESSING.



    Field of Activities and engagements:


   A.    Manufacturing :

        1.    Complete Range of machineries, equipment for grain cleaning , milling, handling and conveying.

        2.    Wide Range of Spares for wheat roller flour milling industry including Air locks, Gears and pinions, Taper lock V pullies etc.

        4.    Equipment for Automation Process.

        5.    Wheat Products: Flour, Semolina (Rawa), Coarse Flour (Atta), Bran,

        6.    Whole wheat Flour ( Chakki Atta)

        7.    Maize Products: Maize grit, Maize flour, Maize Meal.

        8.    Rice Products: Rice Grit, Rice flour.

        9.    Gram products: Gram Grit, Gram Flour.

    10.      Conveying Equipment - Elevators , Screw Worms, Vibratory conveyors for food industry.

    11.      Pneumatic Conveying System for food industry.

    12.      Grain Cleaning Machines- Reel, Vibro Separators, Rotary Separators, Scourers, Destoner, Emery Rolls, Indented Cylinder etc.

    13.      Grain Milling Machines - Four Roller Mills, Hammer Mills, Horizontal Stone Grinders, etc.

    14.      Aspiration system- Low/Medium Pressure Centrifugal Fans, Cyclones, Conical aspirators, Manifolds, Air locks etc.

    15.      Pneumatic Conveying System- High Pressure Centrifugal Fans, small cyclone separators, Manifold, Lift arrangements, Feeders etc.

    16.      Grading and Purifying Machines- Centrifugal Dressing, Planshifters, Semolina purifiers, Gravity Table Separators etc.

    17.      Roasting and Online Drying equipment - Cylenderical Roaster, Online Driers.

    18.      De huskers / De Branners - Emery Rolls, Intensive Scourer, Plate with Roll , De-Sheller, Whizzer .

    19.      Dampening system machine- equipment -  Intensive Dampner, Paddle Dampner, Rotometer assembly with Flow meter.

    20.      Process Control and automation system equipment- Volumetric measurer cum feed controller, AC Frequency Drive Controller etc.

    21.      Online Packagaing system- Bins , Vibratory bin discharger, rake slide gates, mixers/blenders , feed dosers etc.

    B.    Job - Works:

        1.    Regrinding and Re-fluting of Flour Mill Rolls.

        2.    Repairing and Replacement of Flour Mill Rolls.

        3.    Machining , Repairing and Replacement of machines and spares.

    C.   Services:

        1.    Preparing complete Lay Out of project.

        2.    Preparing Installation and commissioning Drawings of machines.

        3.    Preparing Process Flow Chart as per requirement.

        4.    Consultancy for production and quality upgradation.

        5.    Consultancy for Power Management.

        6.    Designing machines for special purposes.

        7.    Preparing Pneumatic Conveying system as per application.

    D.    Trading and Wholesaling:

        1.    Granite Slabs.

        2.    Granite Tiles.

        3.    Food Stuffs.

        4.    Spares for grain Milling Industries

        5.    Automatic form fill n seal packing machines for 50 gms to 250 gms, 500 gms, 1 kg, 2 kg & 5 kg.

        6.    Reverse Jet Filters.

        7.    Chilled Cast Iron Flour Mill Rolls.

        8.    Nylon Bolting Clothes.

        9.    Perforated Sheets and wire nettings.

        10.  Grinding Stones - 24" dia and 30" dia.

        11.  Centrifugal Fans for Aspiration and Pneumatic Conveying system.


Associate Concerns:

1.    M/s. Mahashaki Engineering Works ;                                          Manufacturer, Erectors & Consultants :

        94, Dharamtolla Road, Howrah - 711107.                                 of Plant & Machineries of Food Processing Industries

        India.                                                                                         Mainly for Cereal & Grains cleaning & Milling -

                                                               including: Roller Flour  Milling; Whole wheat Flour Milling; Rice Milling;

                                                 Maize grit milling; Maize flour Milling; Rice grit milling; gram grit milling;

                                              Gram flour ( Besan) Milling; Roasted Gram flour (Sattu) Milling;

                                                                  Pulse milling; Rice Sorting & Grading; grain cleaning and handling;

                                                                                                          Pneumatic conveying system; material handling system.


2.    M/s. Mahashakti Milling Technologies (P) Ltd;                              Research & Development in field of wheat milling

        115, Dharamtolla Road; Howrah -711107                                   Development in designs for machines and  equipments.

        India.                                                                                           Consultancy Services in Grain Milling.


3.    M/s. Mahashakti Engineering Works;                                            Stockist & Wholesalers of:

        (Granite Division),                                                                        Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orrissa, Madhya Pradesh and

        94, Dharamtolla Road; Howrah-711107, India                            Rajsthan GRANITES SLABS AND GRANITE TILES.


4.    M/s. Mahashakti Engineering Works;                                           Customer Support Centre in Bihar:

        Plot B 5 & 6 (part), Patliputra Industrial Area,                             Refluting & Regrinding of flour mill Rolls.

        Patna - 800013., India.                                                              Manufacturing of Food Processing Machines and equipments.


5.    M/s. Mahashakti Trade International (P)Ltd.;                                Manufacturer & Exporters of:

        64/4, Naya Paltan, Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh.                            Corn Grit, Corn Flour, Rice Grit, Rice Flour, Gram Grit, flour etc.




6.    M/s. R.R.Agrotech (P) Ltd.;                                                        WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR MANUFACTURING PLANT.

        26/10/1, A.M. Ghosh Road,                                                        (Chakki Atta) with Online small packaging System.

        Budge budge, South 24-Parganas,Kolkata, India.


7.    M/s. Bangabasi Roller Flour Mills;                                                A Wheat Roller Flour Milling Unit

        115, Dharamtolla Road; Howrah-711107,



8.    M/s. Rajesh Engineering Works;                                                Manufacturers, Mechanical Engineers for :

        95/1, Dharamtolla Road; Howrah - 711107, India                    Air- seals ; Hob-cut Gears and Pinions, Specialty Pulleys;

                                                                                                        Spares for Four Roller Mills; and  Specialized Mechanical Items.


                Sister / support Concerns:

                1.    M/s. Jagannath Engineering Works;                            Customer Support Machine Shop in Orrissa:

                        Jagatpur Industrial Area, Cuttack,                              Refluting & Regrinding of  flour mill Rolls,

                        Orrissa, India.                                                           All type of machining and job works.

                                                                                                        Manufacuring/ supplies of Spares.


                2.    M/s. Techflour Agro Agencies;                                Dealers and Suppliers for Nylon Bolting Clothes,

                        7, Hazarimal Shah Road;                                        Spare flour mill Rolls, Used machines, Flour Mill Spares.

                        Howrah - 711106, India.


                            K E Y  P E R S O N N E L :

                1.    Chairman cum CEO:                                          Mr. Bijay Kumar Kanodia..

                                                                                                ( /


                2.    Director (Sales & Financial):                               Mr.Ashish Kanodia.

                                                                                                ( /


                3.    Director ( Technical) :                                        Mr. Pramod Chamaria.



                4.    Executive Director (Exports):                            Mr. Anuj Kanodia.


                5.    Executive Director (Milling Tech div.):               Mr. Samar Nag.


                6.    Executive Director (Accounts):                          Mr.Bhola Prasad Gupta.


                7.    Executive Director( Taxation) :                          Mr. Pawan Harlalka.


                8.    Executive Director( Patna-Bihar):                      Mr. Kanhaiyalal Keshari.


                9.    Managing Director(Bangladesh):                        Mr. Mohhamad Azad Rahman.